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New Years Eve in Auckland





Happy New Year !


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The photo albums are divided into sub-files "Photos from New Zealand", "Images from Southeast Australia", "Images from West Australia" and finally on the return journey "Photos from California / Nevada"

With the hopes of a lot of wonderful photo experiences, we look forward to "jump around" on the various pages and enjoy the impressions Trine, Anders  and later Lisbeth will pick up on their way through several continents ........... ........







Trine and Anders......                     Ayers Rock                                    Sydney Bridge                             Sydney By Night

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  På dansk



New Year,
Auckland, N Z
Images from New Years celebration and images from Auckland

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31.December- local New Zealand time. Anders and Trine had arrived in Auckland.

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- to show our graditude to the friends in Australia whom Anders and Trine will visit during their trip  - this Internet site is translated into English



We are on our way !

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Anders and Trine -leaving Copenhagen
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29.-30. -31. December

Via London and Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand


31. December

Arrival to Auckland, New Zealand


31. December

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