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Join in the footsteps of Trine and Anders

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The planned start on the trip is as follows

Departure from Denmark - Monday 29th December 2008 kl. 07.30 from Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup





2 hour and 5 minutter later they'll land in London Heathrow, from where the destination is Los Angeles where they 12 hours later will put their feett on American soil. Monday evening at.19.30 (american eastern time). With only 1 hour and 45 minutes of transfer time in Los Angeles - they should roup their feet and make a fast check-in for the next long-distance trip - the trip from LA to

 Auckland Airport in New Zeeland.


The trip from the American continent to the "farest away" corner of the world - seen with Nordic eyes - is no less than 13 hours and 10 minutes. The aircraft - a Boeing 777 - landing in Auckland, New Zealand, New Years Eva day , Wednesday. 31th. December at 07.25 a.m (lokal tid).



Auckland, New Zealand -  Skyline


In Auckland  New Year will be celebrated , 31th December 2008 13 hours before it happens in Denmark (11h00 a.m Danish time).






New Zealand will provide an opportunity to experience the magnificent scenery, for ordinary people became known worldwide through the screen version of Tolkien adventure The Lord of The Rings, directed by New Zealander Peter Jackson - and largely filmed

 on-location i New Zealands nationalpark




Scenery from The Lord of the Rings


One interesting thought ... to walk in the footstep of the Hobbit Frodo !..........................





New_Zealand_                                  Mount_Athabasca                         Auckland Docks                             Auckland By Night

Mitre Peak Milford                              Jasper National Park, Alberta


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  På dansk


New Year,
Auckland, N Z
Images from New Years celebration and images from Auckland

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31.December- local New Zealand time. Anders and Trine had arrived in Auckland.

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30.December - to show our graditude to the friends in Australia whom Anders and Trine will visit during their trip  - this Internet site is translated into English



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29. December
Anders and Trine -leaving Copenhagen
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29. -30. -31. December

Via London and Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand


31. December

Arrival to Auckland, New Zealand


31. December

How far are we in our journey ?

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31. December
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31. December
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