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Travel stories as these are experienced - fresh and relevant - Trine and Anders has the opportunity to provide information on their ongoing
experiences as they happen. 


The travel reporting freshness and novelty value is maintained - and the reader get the impression of being on tour and there will be an opportunity to send a greeting and note that chronologically reflects the incidents which have just occurred.


The living travel reporting is an ancient form of reportage that has captured readers for generations. Past times publication opportunities through travel letters in newspapers and magazines had a natural long latency due to older technologies at that time.





 Today, the world is a great global "family" bound together by modern communications technology options - some using blog's, some using Facebook, email, share photos, etc. The possibilities are many - and impressions can be communicated with a speed that impresses even hardcore "computer geeks"


On this page you will be able - via a hyperlink - to "jump" directly into the itinerary - and thus keep up with Trine and Anders escapades under the southern hemosphere

Click on the image of the Blog ( below) and enjoy their travel stories - as well as comments these stories with your own comments to Anders and Trine



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  På dansk



New Year,
Auckland, N Z
Images from New Years celebration and images from Auckland

take a look


31.December- local New Zealand time. Anders and Trine had arrived in Auckland.

New photos here


30.December - to show our graditude to the friends in Australia whom Anders and Trine will visit during their trip  - this Internet site is translated into English



We are on our way !

New photos on the photo site


29. December
Anders and Trine -leaving Copenhagen
Take a look at the photoes !


29. -30. -31. December

Via London and Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand


31. December

Arrival to Auckland, New Zealand


31. December

How far are we in our journey ?

Follow our trip


31. December
New Photo site - take a trip !


31. December
The Blog'en is open


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Lisbeth and Anders' Blog